PERSISTICON is a Social Enterprise, and the passion project of Diana Kane, Theo Kogan, Lynn Harris, and Leslie King. It is here to take ACTION, build COMMUNITY, make IMPACT, and have FUN. PERSISTICON's inaugural event supported Emily's List, thus helping to ELECT FEMINISTS. Future events will raise money/a ruckus for additional organizations devoted to getting progressive women into policy making positions.

PERSISTICON couldn't happen without a great team and host committee. Read more about them. 

Want to help? Have questions? Email us herePersisticon@gmail.com


There’s not a whole lot to feel good about as a progressive these days. But on a Sunday night in liberal utopia Brooklyn, Persisticon- an event “where comedy, art, and electing feminists collide”- my fellow feminists and I in attendance were all offered a glimmer of hope about the future. - Interrobang Coverage of the Persisticon