is a retailer, designer, and activist. She is the owner of Diana Kane, a Brooklyn boutique highlighting the work of emerging and established independent, sustainable designers. She’s the creator of the viral FeministGold t-shirt and a passionate feminist, jewelry designer, and community organizer.

Christina Clare

is a comedy and social justice activist and founder of Privileged Poverty, an online platform for socially conscious comedy and the promotion of up and coming talent. She has worked as a project manager in the translations industry for years and is passionate about music, comedy and all the restorative mediums that entertain, teach and heal “by accident.”

Martha Corcoran

is the curator of The Art of Resistance, a feed that celebrates social justice art and creative resistance. She’s a photo editor and researcher for book publishing, digital media, and documentary film, and has worked on projects for Hearst, Abrams, PBS, Barnes & Noble, Nat Geo, and Time Inc.


is founder and executive director of Hello Future, a nonprofit bridging the education gap for adolescent refugees. Before founding Hello Future, Charlie was a professional advertising photographer, creative director, and writer.


is founder of GOLD Comedy, which aims to give girls/women/”others” the comedy skills to take over the world. She is an award-winning journalist, retired comedian, and former Tonya Harding lookalike (long story).

Leslie King


is a Brooklyn-based designer and owner of the sustainable handbag company, LK. She is also actively working with local and citywide groups committed to addressing and dismantling segregation in NYC public schools.

Theo Kogan


is best known as the singer of Lunachicks. She was a model, actress and honorary drag queen, a DJ, party promoter and creator/CEO of Armour Beauty lip gloss. Theo grew up in Brooklyn and is currently a pro-makeup artist and mom.


got her roots in protesting at a young age, speaking out to protect the land and mountains where she grew up in Colorado. Since then, she's been an active supporter of many causes. She is a mother of four who has worn many hats, but mostly chases after kids and beads earrings these days when she's not posting stories for Persisticon. 

Ferne Pearlstein


is a prize-winning director/cinematographer who is one of a handful of women featured in Kodak’s “On Film” ad campaign. Her latest film, THE LAST LAUGH, about taboos in humor, features Sarah Silverman, Mel Brooks, and many others, and continues to screen around the world since its premiere at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

Andrew E. Wagner

is an Emmy Award-winning producer with over 25 years of experience developing and managing creative projects of every size and shape imaginable. He has a soft spot for people who want to make the world a better place.

Joshua Mack 

is an award-winning digital product consultant who works at the intersection of editorial, technology, and business. He works with nonprofits and businesses to create smart digital initiatives and is the founder of titlepager, a service that makes author sites a snap.